Born to provide you with the latest facts and information about nutrition and health as well as recipe and meal ideas, photos and foody tidbits.

I am a qualified Nutritionist with a special interest in weight management and a love for cooking fresh and healthy homemade food.

I think soup is ace because it’s a great way to pack in plenty of fresh veggies (sometimes even fruit if you’re feeling saucy!), it’s easy to make it low in fat and high in fibre so it’s perfect for a low-calorie lunch, you can make it in big batches and it’s transportable if you want to take it to work. If you pack it full of fibrous vegetables and protein it can help you feel fuller for longer and therefore help to prevent snacking later on in the day and aid any weight-loss you might be planning.

I live in Bradford which has a vibrant and brilliant South Asian community and I am obsessed with trying out all of the tasty grub that the local community has to offer (which is plenty, believe me!).I wanted to share some of my deelish recipes that I have made and enjoyed myself. You’ll probably notice that I have a bit of a penchant for the spicier flavours so don’t be surprised that I’m inspired by where I live at the mo.

I have calculated the nutritional information so that anyone wanting to use them as part of a healthy eating or weight loss plan will have access to the boring but useful stats!

I also love music and the time that suits me best to stock up on my fave earworms is when I’m cooking cos it gives me a chance to dance around my kitchen and belt out some (probably not very tuneful) songs! I’ve added a page of links to all the best bits (not my renditions, you’ll be pleased to hear!) so you can find, listen, dance, hum, whistle and maybe even buy if you love em as much as me. Again, beware of eclectic tastes!

Thanks for dropping by!

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