Wow! Mozartkugeln another favourite of mine from my time in Germany and these cookies sounds deelish!

The Wordy Baker

I got the inspiration from these from the Mozartkugeln you can buy in Salzburg–the kind in the silver wrapper with their wonderful combination of dark chocolate, hazelnut, and marzipan.  As I’m terrible at making up cookie and cake recipes completely from scratch, I went searching around to see if anyone else had tried it, and found just a few versions.  I have a feeling if the candies were more widely available there would be more people trying to copy them at home.  Anyway, this recipe looked pretty close to what I was envisioning.

Chocolate cookies go great with Christmas presents. Chocolate cookies go great with Christmas presents (thanks, Ma!).

I’m posting this recipe not because it came out exactly like I expected it to, but because I’m curious as to how it will turn out for other people and because I said I’d post three cookie recipes this week as I know everyone is…

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